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Perfect for use in business, at work, at home or
at school, college or university!

Website Links

FavGenie is clever software that stores the websites you like so that you can find and load them when you want them super-fast.

It's also super-easy to use and it's free!

Funded by relevant and entertaining video ads, by watching at least one short video lasting a maximum of 60 seconds, every 24 hours, you get to use this powerful system 24/7 completely free of charge.

So how does it work...?

Save time do more

Add hundreds of website names and links to the system, and when you need them you can find and load them in seconds. No more re-searching, no more messy bookmark or favourite lists. Clean, organised, efficient and so easy to use!

Anywhere in the world

Take the system with you anywhere in the world where you have a healthy internet connection, access your websites from any browser enabled device too.

When you are engaged within a business deal and need a website or access to an intranet site quickly, two clicks and it's loaded. When you're at work and your colleagues share a website link to the entire team, one click and it's stored ready to retrieve when you need it.

When you are at school, college or university and you need to upload your latest coursework or check a timetable change or complete a form for the school trip or respond to a secure message from your tutor, two clicks and the website is loaded ready to serve you.

When you need the latest data displayed and ready, use your mobile phone, laptop, tablet device or TV, with a quick press of the 'refresh' button your data is ready to be served!

Spying / Tracking

For your peace of mind there is no tracking of what you do, we take your privacy very seriously. We do not know what websites you visit or when or how often etc. Your online life should be as private as your offline life, we keep your details and your website usage private too.

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